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In the Snowy Rolling Hills

Posted in Photography by leahyetter on February 8, 2017

You guess it. The sky dumped more snow yesterday. But there is a report that it will warm up by the end of the week. A girl can dream, right?

©Leah Yetter Photographer

One ear hearin’ and one ear listenin’. ūüôā

©Leah Yetter Photographer

Sleeping aspens in the snow.

©Leah Yetter Photographer

Reese Mountain has been a favorite of mine since I moved to Wyoming. I love the texture and the lines.
Ah, those rolling snowy hills. Home.

Mule Deer in the Snow

Posted in Photography, Winter by leahyetter on January 29, 2017

©Leah Yetter Photographer

These gals let me sit and watch them for a bit. She paws at the snow to get a bite then moves to the next spot to do the same. They definitely have to work hard for a meal. Grazing is an all day affair. Glad to see they have a healthy winter coat.


Wyoming Windchill

Posted in Photography, Winter by leahyetter on January 7, 2017

We are in full on winter mode. It is serious. We’ve had temperatures and wind chills well below zero. Like 20 and 30 degrees below zero.

©Leah Yetter Photographer

It makes the horse frisky. He throws his head up and down while running alongside the truck.

©Leah Yetter Photographer

And the cattle have become cowscicles. But just look at those round bellies. They are weathering the storm beautifully. We cake them daily and they get a fresh bale every other day.

©Leah Yetter Photographer

At times, we can’t even see the mountains.

©Leah Yetter Photographer

The deer are sporting their full winter coats.

©Leah Yetter Photographer

At sunset a couple nights ago, when temperatures barely made it to zero during the warmest part of the day, the river looked like a hot spring with steam billowing out of it. Patrick said he’d be glad to watch me take a dip if I’d like to.
I passed.


Frisky Fawn

Posted in Nature, Photography by leahyetter on August 15, 2016

©Leah Yetter Photographer

Fawns are definitely out and about and some have hit the ground running. They are the cutest!


Whitetails at the Door

Posted in Nature, Photography by leahyetter on May 16, 2016

©Leah Yetter Photographer

I woke up to another misty morning and much to my delight, had some visitors.

©Leah Yetter Photographer

This family decided to graze right by the house in the early morning.

©Leah Yetter Photographer

Aren’t those faces the sweetest?

©Leah Yetter Photographer

They are welcome any time and I wish they’d stop by in the daylight more often. I see their tracks every day so I know they are passing through during the night.

Happy Monday, everyone. I believe this thing called Sun will come out at some point this week. We are overcast, soaking wet and the river is rising. I think that’s why these guys are close to the house. That and the pesky coyotes.



Posted in Nature, Photography by leahyetter on November 12, 2015

©Leah Yetter Photographer

We got our first snow of the season a couple nights ago. But yesterday, the sun came out and the wind picked up to rid us of the white stuff. That’s okay, I’m not quite ready for it… although the forecast says I better get ready.
Anyway, I took a walk to the meadows and this sweet baby-face peeked at me through the trees. She was born early summer and I couldn’t get close to her all season! So this was a nice surprise. ūüôā

In the Brush

Posted in Nature by leahyetter on October 26, 2015

©Leah Yetter Photographer

Hiding from the hunters…

A Pop of Spring Green

Posted in Nature, Photography by leahyetter on April 17, 2015

©Leah Yetter Photographer

I love how the deer gracefully tiptoe into my path some days.
Notice the buds and green grass. The rain is helping us make progress towards springtime beauty. Ahhhh. ūüôā

Traffic Jam

Posted in Nature, Photography by leahyetter on April 6, 2015

©Leah Yetter Photographer

Say what you will about my choice to leave city life for the country. Even though I miss bits of living in a big city, I’ll take this traffic jam over road rage and exhaust fumes any day.

©Leah Yetter Photographer

I love my early morning commute.

©Leah Yetter Photographer

Happy Monday everyone!

Snow Adorable

Posted in Photography, Winter by leahyetter on February 4, 2015

Once again, we have found ourselves in a snowstorm. It’s pretty magical out there.

©Leah Yetter Photographer

©Leah Yetter Photographer

These little birds are so cute jumping from blade to blade looking for breakfast. Besides hearing the snow under my boots, all I hear is the softest “chirp chirp” from these adorable gals.


This storm is supposed to move out this afternoon and then warm up the rest of the week.

Happy Hump Day!!


Hiding Place

Posted in Nature, Photography by leahyetter on November 7, 2014

©Leah Yetter Photographer

I took a long walk along the river yesterday to get away from the computers and long editing list. I needed to unplug for a while and take a break in the sunshine. Especially when the weather is as gorgeous as it was yesterday. The wind wasn’t blowing and the air was warm and golden. I decided I’d turn around and try to walk through the tall weeds among the cottonwoods and I startled this beauty from her rest. These may be weeds to me but to her it’s a hiding place and safe bed. I quietly backed up not wanting to bump her out of her safe place and started back the way I came. She hopped deeper into the weeds and I watched as her white pompom tail disappeared across the river.
I wish you all a safe and happy weekend my friends!

Guernsey Bambi

Posted in Nature, Photography, Wildlife by leahyetter on August 1, 2014

©Leah Yetter Photographer

Guernsey State Park is a beauty. Along with a large body water for sporting, there are ample opportunities for hiking, biking, rock climbing, and my favorite- wildlife spotting. I saw twin mule deer fawns hiding in the brush and they, of course, were precious. These little ones are growing fast but haven’t lost their fuzz or spots yet. Her mature eyes are mesmerizing… and those ears!! ūüôā

Well Looky Here!

Posted in Nature, Photography by leahyetter on June 30, 2014

©Leah Yetter Photographer

We spotted our first fawn this weekend. I wasn’t sure if I’d ever get to see them here at our new place but sure enough, this doe and her baby passed through the meadows yesterday afternoon. I am giddy with excitement but I did keep my distance. I want her to feel safe to come back.

©Leah Yetter Photographer

She stopped for a little sip of mother’s milk. So sweet!

Dear Wyoming Summer

Posted in Nature, Photography by leahyetter on April 14, 2014

©Leah Yetter Photographer

Dear Wyoming Summer,
I promise to never complain of your warmth. I will not whine about your blinding bright sun that makes me squint when I step out every morning.¬† I, along with many others, look forward to your arrival. I cannot wait to shed these four layers of clothes and let your light shine onto my goose-bumped skin. I look forward to your crisp evening air and colorful sunsets. I can almost smell the grill and cold martini’s on the deck. I’m just not sure how much longer I can take these winter storms in Spring. So c’mon, I know you can do it. Break on through this wintery madness and warm us.
Please excuse the belly-aching. But I’ve never been one for patience.

Deer Bed

Posted in Nature, Photography by leahyetter on March 27, 2014

©Leah Yetter Photographer

While uploading a sweet baby portrait shoot from yesterday, I came across this image of a deer bed I saw a few days ago during a nice walk around the meadows. Deer lay down in tall grass with the hope of staying hidden from predators. I like the flow and texture of the grass in this.
Hope you are having a great day!

the Weekend of this Unlikely Cowgirl

Posted in Photography, Ranching, Winter by leahyetter on March 3, 2014

©Leah Yetter Photographer
Saturday was sooo snowy. The sun was behind the clouds and so was my mood. Ranching is tough and sometimes lonely work, especially in blinding snow and freezing temperatures; any rancher/caretaker reading this knows what I’m talking about. It is a full day of constantly checking on the well being of the cows and horses, pitching frozen hay over the fence to the heifers, and breaking ice so they all can get a drink. Where loose hay is frozen to your cheeks and tripping over frozen cow turds is the norm. Having to climb over the corral fence with a twenty pound bucket of cow cake because we forgot to make a temporary gate for us to enter and exit safely. In constant worry that a calf will be born and not make it through the freezing night because we haven’t finished building our calving barn yet. All while Patrick has to be in a snow plow for over 10 hours on the interstate making the roads safe for drivers who feel the need to be driving on the roads during a dangerous blizzard. (Yep, those folks are out there… and you may be one of them. ūüėČ )
©Leah Yetter Photographer
And then, Sunday morning, the sun was there outside my door. Although 6 inches of snow still lay there glistening on the ground, the sky was blue and birds were singing. Patrick was home by 8am and we were able to spend the day feeding, watering and tripping over frozen cow turds together.  We even ventured across the river and hiked around our bluffs to enjoy the peaceful scenery that surrounds us.
I didn’t shoot much this weekend because the ranch work had to be done and I had to stay focused. As I’ve said before, I only pretend to be a cowgirl, I’m really just a photographer. But this weekend, I was a cowgirl first.
I’m happy to report that we are still here with all our fingers and toes and happy to see the snow dripping off the roof today.
Ahhhh, is it spring yet?

Through the December Snow

Posted in Nature, Photography by leahyetter on December 24, 2013

“With cheeks like roses”, we here at Uprooted Magnolia from our chilly ranchette wish you and yours a splendid and very Merry Christmas.

©Leah Yetter Photographer

Wishing you togetherness…

©Leah Yetter Photographer


©Leah Yetter Photographer


©Leah Yetter Photographer

and smiles. Lots of smiles.¬† ūüôā
Happy Holidays to you, my sweet friends from around the globe. Be well.

P.S. Matilda is taking a break from Tilda Tuesday but don’t worry, she’s curled up by the fire waiting for her next meal.

Dark Eyes

Posted in Nature, Photography by leahyetter on November 22, 2013

©Leah Yetter Photographer

He blends so well doesn’t he? I didn’t see him at first, I only felt him him staring me down with his big dark eyes. I stopped abruptly and turned to my left. There he stood in all his glory.
Have a great weekend friends! It is a cold and frosty morning out here. But it’s supposed to warm up and this gorgeous frost will soon be gone. I still have more images to share from this snowy wander so keep in touch!

Mornin’ Does

Posted in Nature, Photography by leahyetter on September 26, 2013

©Leah Yetter Photographer

These ladies are soaking up the morning sun while filling up on their vegetables. ūüôā

Deer Crossing

Posted in Nature, Photography, Winter by leahyetter on January 23, 2013

©Leah Yetter Photographer

“Umpteen thousand acres and they have to run in the middle of the road!” says every rancher in Wyoming. ūüėČ