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Waiting for Spring

Posted in Georgia, Nature, Photography by leahyetter on March 29, 2010

Waiting for Spring:

I stayed in the house today and worked on print orders for clients back on Georgia. The wind was howling but other than that it was  warm and sunny . Got me anxious of what to expect for springtime in Wyoming. Georgia starts spring in mid-march usually. I shot this flower the morning of moving day in my backyard.  My front and back yards would sprout a meadow of these little floral weeds and I just loved them. I used my macro lens to capture the dew.

I’m excited to get our flower and veggie garden started out here. Hopefully we’re done with the snow.

Calving time on the Dakota Ranch

Posted in Calving by leahyetter on March 28, 2010

Calving time on the Dakota Ranch:

We’re calving here on the ranch and these shots are from a couple of days ago. The snow is pretty much gone today but the wind has picked up. It’s been blowing at about 30mph.

This little one and her mother got across the creek so we needed to trot them through the fence to join the others. To quote Patrick “Pip-squeak is running the show here”. The mother is playing along. The calves frolic like puppies.

I learned how to hum like momma to get the calf to follow. This one is just a couple days old and the new mom couldn’t get baby to follow her out of the corral. In comes Leah in the 6 inches of snow humming and walking along the fence line to get them to follow. I loved every minute of it and calf and momma were grateful.

We check on them several times a day to make sure everyone is well and suckling and eating. And sometimes they bust through fences so Patrick has to go to them and shoo them out of off limit areas. This calf needed a little assistance to get through the fence.

Back with mom.

Hey lady, where’s the grub?

No really. I wanna eat.


And I love visiting these 2 young ones. They love showing off for the the camera.

Nothing like pulling into the driveway with calves in the drive. I love those faces!

And in the front yard.