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Saturday in Downtown Wheatland

Posted in Family, Local, Photography by leahyetter on September 30, 2010

Last Saturday was my day to work at the Gilchrist Gallery and the folks were still here. It was ok because they wanted to see it and walk around downtown Wheatland.

Various sights around the Gilchrist Gallery

But an hour after we were there, the Art Guild came in for their monthly meeting and they offered to watch the gallery so that we could go explore downtown.

We went to the thrift and antique stores and Dad found some great old records. Debbie found plates and I found another fabulous leather purse. Check this out, it’s a convertible!

I just love secondhand treasures.

Scenic Drive Through the Mountains

Posted in Nature, Photography, Travel, Wildlife by leahyetter on September 29, 2010

We weren’t sure where we wanted to go so we jumped in the truck and just drove. It was a beautiful day and I wanted the folks to see our surroundings. Along the way, we caught this Mule deer relaxing in the brush.

We happened upon this quiet ranch. The fresh hay bales means someone is there but at first glance we thought it was abandoned.

We got out of the truck to take in the view and breathe the fresh mountain air. As I walked along a short trail, I stepped on this rock and had to take a picture of it. It came home with me needless to say.

We saw all kinds of wildlife but of course antelope were everywhere we went. You can’t go anywhere without spotting hundreds of these guys in various pastures. But the thing that is a constant frustration to me and Dad with photographing wildlife is that we always get butt shots. They are always running from us and we’re sick of all the rear ends in our lens. So don’t be surprised if one day there is a post on this blog with strictly deer and antelope butts!

But as this one got away, I was glad that the grass covered his backside and I got a good view of his horns.

Full Moon Over the Meadows

Posted in Family, The Ranch by leahyetter on September 28, 2010

The night of the harvest moon was too cloudy for photographs but the evening after was beautiful and clear.

This was the day that my folks arrived. We all stood in our front yard and Dad and I took a lot of pictures.

A couple of bucks were fighting in the meadow while Debbie watched through the binoculars.

This was a great start to their visit and a beautiful introduction to ranch life in Wyoming.

Good Company, Oh I Can’t Deny

Posted in Family, The Ranch by leahyetter on September 27, 2010

Excuse me for borrowing and changing lyrics from a 1970’s rock band but I just couldn’t help it.

Dad and Debbie arrived last Thursday for a visit and they left today. Dad has been here once before. It was back in March and in the snow when he brought me out here to my new home. It was great for them to see how beautiful it can really be here in the “middle of nowhere” in Autumn.

After a couple of days of house cleaning, I was happy I could finally go out to pick flowers for the house. It was the last thing on the “to do” list before they got here. You know how much I love flowers and I wanted it to look nice for the folks. They’ve been on the road and in hotels a lot lately so I wanted to cozy it up as much as possible.

The sunflowers are just about gone but I spotted these pretty white flowers popping up everywhere. Of course a Wyoming centerpiece isn’t complete without a little wheat dried wheat grass.

This heartshaped basket holds a small arrangement to greet them as they entered our home. Then I set up some smaller arrangements for their bedside tables. I also placed a framed picture of my Yellow Finch because they both are bird lovers.

And I chose these vases because they are the color of their Z car.

Yay! Here they come down the hill. This car is a color of blue that I don’t even know you’d find in a Crayola box. And it definitly doesn’t fit in around here.

They successfully crossed the Bridge to Paradise.

We had a great time and the weather was perfect.

They left this morning for their next adventure through Colorado and New Mexico. But while they were here we took peaceful drives through the country and traveled through some real “middle of nowhere”. I’ll fill in the gaps with more photos of their visit. For now, I’m sorting through the shots and reflecting on how great it was to have them here.

Enter Autumn

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Today, Sept. 22, 2010, is the last day of summer.  That means the autumnal equinox takes place tonight and we are now stepping into fall.

Young Japanese Maple in my yard in Georgia photographed last fall.

And even though it is overcast today, I’m looking forward to my first fall in Wyoming. I just hope the clouds clear out for tonight’s viewing of the Super Harvest Moon.
I can’t help but hear Neil Young singing  “But there’s a full moon risin’, Let’s go dancin’ in the light”.

PS: I hope my people back east are getting some relief from the heat.

I Heart Firewood

Posted in Cowboy, Home, The Ranch by leahyetter on September 21, 2010

It’s still warm here but that will change in an instant. And this Georgia girl isn’t afraid to admit she’s a little nervous about her first Wyoming winter. That’s why I was grateful when I walked into the shop and Patrick was sharpening the blade on the chainsaw.

Twas 90 degrees outside and the effort seemed futile but better to do it now while we can still feel our fingers and toes. Patrick, the heat stroke you suffered will all be worth it, right? I can’t thank you enough.

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So, about that fire.

Posted in Thankful by leahyetter on September 17, 2010

Last week I posted  Labor of Necessity and promised more pictures from that firefight. Click the image below to see more from that day.

Say a little  prayer we don’t get another one of these calls before fire season is over.

Have a great weekend!

Curious Fawn, Radiant Sky

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This fawn and I were out enjoying the sunset when we spotted each other through the tall grass.

We sat together for a little while enjoying the breeze. The sky was radiant as the sun set behind the mountains.

It’s just another beautiful Wednesday. That’s all.

Lessons Aplenty

Posted in Cattle Roundup, Horses, Ranching by leahyetter on September 14, 2010

I learned many things last week and weekend.

Among them is how to ride and work the horse for herding cattle.

Stand up in the stirrups! Tighten the reigns!  Hold onto the horn! Just get off and walk doggone it!

It hasn’t really been that bad, Patrick has been very patient with me and is a great teacher. I still have a long way to go before being even good at it and I’m enjoying the process.

When you’re out like this for hours at a time, you have to stay hydrated. And when nature calls, well ladies you find the nearest shrub out of sight of the others and take care of  business.

So it turns out that the most important lesson I learned this weekend was never, and I mean NEVER squat in a patch of Stinging Nettles.  Yeeeow!!!

Horses, Cattle and Wyoming Sunsets

Posted in Cattle Roundup, Ranching by leahyetter on September 13, 2010

This weekend and even today has been busy with collecting scattered cattle on horseback. Several pairs and a couple bulls were deep in the hills and the only way to get to them was by horse. Patrick and I mounted up, climbed the rocks, gathered,  sorted and now everyone is where they need to be. Phew!

We’ve certainly had some gorgeous days and even more gorgeous have been the sunsets. I captured these on the way home from getting groceries last night.

The clouds were so colorful. Patrick slammed on the breaks and while groceries hit the back of our seats, I hung out the door to capture the absolute beauty.

Menemsha has beautiful sunsets and we’ve got them too. There’s nothing like that big sky covered with streaks and swirls of colors that you just can’t  find in a box of Crayola.

A Bouquet for You

Posted in Thankful, The Ranch by leahyetter on September 11, 2010

I don’t know about you but I love flowers. I love to grow them, pick them, receive them. Especially after a hard day a bouquet can help brighten a gloomy mood. My sweetie picked these for me the other day and I wanted to share them with you.

I also want to dedicate them to all who lost their lives on this day 9 years ago. Never Forget.

Trailing Back Home

Posted in Cattle Roundup by leahyetter on September 9, 2010

*This evening:

We got them home safe and sound, bulls and all.  There was a lot of  mooing for momma or mooing for baby but we can rest assured the heifers are close to home now. And my favorite girl that eats cake right out of  my hand came right up to me looking quite curious. She licked my hand to be sure I wasn’t holding out on her, but alas, no cake.

*This morning:

We’re bringing the girls back from the Harris this morning. I hung off the back of the pickup last night throwing them hay and having conversations with them to keep them in one spot so it will be easy this morning. Yeah right. We’re on our way there now. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Meanwhile enjoy this shot of the Miss Piggys.

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Labor of Necessity

Posted in Thankful by leahyetter on September 7, 2010

Yesterday morning the phone rang and the voice on the other end said they saw smoke in the hills. Then the fire chief called. While Patrick suited up, I loaded my backpack with lenses, kerchiefs, bottled water and granola bars. I was going on this one. You may remember on past fires, I’ve had to sit nervously at home waiting for a call that all is well. This wasn’t happening yesterday. I wanted to see it for myself and document this labor of necessity.

We were there for about 5 hours and by the time Patrick and I left, it was mostly out. They dug trenches around the rocky hill where the fire was burning the most in hopes that it doesn’t jump and spread. The winds were anything but calm and that kept us on our toes watching for flying embers.

I have more images to share but for now, these 2 are of Patrick on top of the hill with the extended hose waiting for water to reach him. It was an intense afternoon and thankfully for now, all is well.


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There is a chill in the air.

The land is blanketed in crisp sunlight.

It’s September,

and Fall is ready for flight.

Hope you have a fantastic Labor Day weekend.