Uprooted Magnolia

Cold Hovers Over the Laramie River

Posted in Nature, Photography by leahyetter on January 30, 2014

©Leah Yetter Photographer

Even though the chill of winter is still with us and new life has yet to spring, the Laramie River continues to flow so peacefully.

Last night, winds reached from 67 to 71 mph blowing dirt, tumbleweeds and dog dishes all over the property.  There are advisories out of a winter storm that is on it’s way to us today and into tomorrow. But it seems the only thing the weatherman ever gets right is the terrorizing wind. The sky is gray and all is quiet now.  It seems something is upon us so only time (and old man winter) will tell.

Hot Breath

Posted in Photography, Ranching by leahyetter on January 29, 2014

©Leah Yetter Photographer

The girls, as usual, kept us warm with their hot breath as we rolled out hay for them.
We may not be buried in snow like my friends back east, but we are certainly chilly. Stay safe and warm folks!

Tilda Tuesday: Dashing through the…NO.

Posted in Matilda, Photography by leahyetter on January 28, 2014

Dashing through the snow is not on the agenda….ever.
©Leah Yetter Photographer

Matilda thought she wanted to go outside even though the deck turned all white. As soon as she stepped out, she hightailed it right back inside before I could say I told ya so. She’s still my little warm weather Georgia girl.

Speaking of, my Georgia family is supposed to get snow today. You guys hang in there, keep the cats in, and enjoy it!

One More Fragile Flake

Posted in Nature, Photography, Winter by leahyetter on January 24, 2014

©Leah Yetter Photographer

The snow has blown away but I’d like to share one more fragile flake from yesterday. These quick snows make me slow down and step out to appreciate these sweet gifts of nature.
I hope you have a wonderful weekend friends!

Chasing the Perfect Snowflake

Posted in Nature, Photography, Winter by leahyetter on January 23, 2014

©Leah Yetter Photographer

It’s been a busy week around here but we got a lovely little snow yesterday and last night. I was able to take a quick wander across the wintery meadow this morning to find the perfect snowflake. This one fit the bill. So precious. So fragile.

“With My Back to the Sunset, I Saw the Light”

Posted in Nature, Photography by leahyetter on January 17, 2014

©Leah Yetter Photographer

It’s still winter. And it’s still windy. But sometimes, when the wind rages all day long, our sunsets look like paintings from the heavens above. This particular evening, I turned my back to the sunset and saw the light had turned the dry, yellow meadow grass to red and gold and the sky was royal blue. The air was still so I took a seat and breathed it in. We cherish those moments of calm after an anxiety-ridden wind storm.
I shot this with my Canon nifty 50mm f/1.4 on the Canon 70D. I just got this lens back from the “spa”. It has been unusable for several months and I forgot how much I enjoy shooting with a fixed lens. I love the selective focus on the blades of grass. And I did zero color correcting in post processing. The 70D with the 50mm is a rockin’ setup!
Happy shooting my friends!

Tilda Tuesday: her Camera, take two

Posted in Matilda, Photography by leahyetter on January 14, 2014

Cats make life a little sweeter.
©Leah Yetter Photographer

This shot cracks me up. Matilda was so not amused and wouldn’t give me eye contact for quite  a while.
This is an outtake from the shoot with her camera we did a few months ago. Hope it makes you smile. 🙂

A Fixed Gaze

Posted in Nature, Photography by leahyetter on January 13, 2014

©Leah Yetter Photographer

I am always watched closely when I take a walk by the river.  Sometimes they are right behind me, sometimes they keep their distance. But the cattle always have a fixed gaze and drool hoping I have yummies to share.

Waiving in the Breeze

Posted in Horses, Photography by leahyetter on January 10, 2014

©Leah Yetter Photographer

Took a walk through the meadows and along the river yesterday before the wind came up. By the end of it, it was howling out of the west. Notice the tail waving in the “breeze”on the bay horse.  Looks like ole Gray has been rolling in the mud again.
Happy Friday everyone. I hope your first week back to work after the holidays has been a good one!

Black-capped Chickadee

Posted in Nature, Photography by leahyetter on January 9, 2014

©Leah Yetter Photographer

January is always tough for me. I can’t pinpoint exactly why that is, it just is. Maybe because winter is dragging on and in looking ahead, we have several more months to go. But yesterday was a sunny and somewhat warm day. I was very productive with errands in town, got a couple of shoots scheduled, and managed to take a moment to watch these little Black-capped Chickadees jump and chirp from limb to limb. I love these little interruptions during a blah winter. But alas, the lovely weather of yesterday is short-lived as the wind will be coming up tonight, terrorizing our little corner of the world. Time to button down the hatches and stack firewood for another snow.
I wish for everyone digging out of the polar vortex to have a spring-like interruption during this cold spell.
Stay warm friends!

Tilda Tuesday: So Sleepy

Posted in Matilda, Photography by leahyetter on January 7, 2014

“Cats have led us every step of the way. Teaching us the importance of unconditional love, and the value of a really good afternoon nap.”– Author Unknown
©Leah Yetter Photographer

Matilda never misses her morning, afternoon and evening naps. She doesn’t let bath time get in the way either.
Happy Tilda Tuesday!

Icey Cold

Posted in Nature, Photography by leahyetter on January 6, 2014

©Leah Yetter Photographer

It’s been a chilly start to 2014 all over the country. I enjoy the brisk air in my lungs when I go out for a hike in the peak of the day but it grows colder quickly as the sun goes down. I love how the mountains and trees turn purple as the sky reflects off of the ice. The Laramie River is so peaceful when it is covered in ice.
Many of us are starting the first work week of the new year. The rest are snowed or iced in. Hope it’s a good one nonetheless. xoxo 🙂