Uprooted Magnolia

Snow Kissed

Posted in Photography, The Ranch, Winter by leahyetter on December 30, 2010

Flakes have been coming down nonstop since midnight.

Winter Canopy

Snow is reaching the doorknob of our one room cabin.

Winter Cabin

The wagon we use to feed the cows and horses is quickly filling up with snow.

Winter Wagon

And it might be several days before we can cross this bridge to go to town for some cornmeal and sugar.

Bridge to Snowy Paradise

Just kidding….we’re warm and nourished and enjoying this winter’s kiss.

Winter Huddle

Posted in cuddly, Photography, Stormy Skies, Winter by leahyetter on December 29, 2010

We are bracing for a winter storm, not unlike what the northeast is experiencing right now. Well, maybe not that bad but we are expecting below zero temps with the wind chill.

I wish I had a winter woolly coat like these gals.

I know what they are thinking. “Good luck lady, you’re going to be cold!”

While I was walking away they were whispering and I felt them laughing at me.

Well ladies, at least I get to hang out by the wood burning stove.

But really, I would love to huddle up with them when the wind starts to blow.

A Great Horned Owl

Posted in Photography, Wildlife by leahyetter on December 28, 2010

We spotted this Great Horned Owl at the South Ranch during the snow last week. I know he has been out there for a while and I hope to get a closer image next time I see him.

His coloring is beautiful and his his hoot is loud! There was one in a tree by our house one night and it sounded like he was on my shoulder hooting right in my ear.

The Running of the Deer

Posted in Nature, Photography, The Ranch, Wildlife, Winter by leahyetter on December 24, 2010

Santa sent a call out to his reindeer. Tonight’s the night!

The mommas are coming out of snow covered brush to get their young ready for flight.

Dancer and Prancer have been exercising with their mom getting ready for their run far and wide.

Today they have gathered in the pasture to get fit for their role,

and to follow the leader to the North Pole.

Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!   ♥

Paddys Frost

Posted in Horses, Photography by leahyetter on December 23, 2010

Once I got away from Cheyenne sticking his nose in my lens, Patrick’s horse greeted me through the fence.

Her nickname is Rat because Patrick says she looked like a rat when she was a yearling. Her birth name is Paddys Frost and I don’t think she looks like a rat at all.

She’s a beautiful gray mare with a spunky attitude.

She was calm and curious this day during the snowfall.

Snow Frolic

Posted in Horses, Photography, The Ranch, Winter by leahyetter on December 21, 2010

When I started my walk this morning, it wasn’t snowing very hard. I went to visit the horses and they instantly greeted me.  Sniffing and following me, they seemed bored.

After a few minutes with them, I went to visit the colt and fill her up with some grain and break up her icy water. As I was walking back, I saw the horses frolicking in the snow. The flakes were getting bigger and falling faster than when I started out.

Gus and Cheyenne were going at it. Running around each other, nipping at  necks and legs. Gus, the white horse, would roll around in the muddy snow and Cheyenne would go at him again.

Then they got Kid involved. It became a snowy ring around the posy.

And it started all over again. This time Cheyenne was biting and nipping at Kid.

I had to come back inside and dry off my cameras. The snow is coming down hard and fast. More snowfall pictures to come!

Seasons of a Sunflower

Posted in Nature, Photography by leahyetter on December 18, 2010

During warm months, we are surrounded by her beautiful bloom.

In the fall, her head turns brown while winter looms.

And when the snow falls on her crispy petals and leaves,

she still stands tall, not giving in to the chilly gloom.


Warm Winds of December

Posted in Photography by leahyetter on December 15, 2010

The last few days have been windy but unusually warm for Wyoming in December. I took a walk with Shadow yesterday and it was absolutely gorgeous. We both had a pep in our step as we wandered down the dirt roads.

We took in as much sunshine as we could and then I came inside and baked pumpkin spice cookies.

Today it is blowing snow and the temperature will drop to upper 20’s this afternoon. Brrrrr.

Good Evening Crop Ear

Posted in Photography, The Ranch, Wildlife by leahyetter on December 14, 2010

Good ole Crop Ear stopped in for an evening visit. I spotted her while out getting firewood last night.

She is always welcome at the ranch. Even if she does give me a startle after the sun has gone down.

Piggin’ Out

Posted in Cattle Roundup, Photography by leahyetter on December 13, 2010

We took a drive over to the bluffs to feed Patrick’s cattle. They have plenty of grazing left but we felt like giving them a boost with a couple bales. We pulled down with the flatbed full of hay and the girls came a’running as soon as I called out to them.  Sooey!!!

Like before, I had one hand on the wheel and the other on the camera and shutter button. Carefully steering and trying not to knock Patrick off the flatbed, I succeeded in keeping him upright.

Just look at this mess.

I thought we were raising cattle here on the ranch. But with every day that passes, it seems like we have a bunch of pigs on our hands.

Elk in the Road

Posted in Horses, Photography, The Ranch, Wildlife by leahyetter on December 10, 2010

Was trying to photograph the ranch horses running across the open pasture.

But this wad of elk got in my way.

Camera hogs.


A Ramble with Shadow

Posted in Home, Photography, The Ranch by leahyetter on December 8, 2010

My favorite walking buddy around the ranch is our border collie, Shadow. He works here on the ranch herding cattle and lots of times he herds us when we take him and the hound dogs for walks. But when it’s just me and him, we walk side by side.  And during these cold winter days, it is so hard to entice him out of his insulated dog house and straw bed.

After begging, milk bone bribing and a little tugging on his collar, he eventually joins me on a ramble.

He patiently sits and waits for me to get my photograph of the landscape I’ve framed up or a portrait of the horse I’m visiting with. His big brown eyes stare a hole straight through to my heart.

Then he does a little dance and hams it up for the camera when it’s time to move on to the next scene. Shadow is definitely a loyal friend and fun subject.

Frigid and Unoccupied

Posted in Home, Nature, Photography, Winter by leahyetter on December 6, 2010

The high pitch whinny of the colt that Patrick is weaning has subsided. Deer silently step through the snow looking for grass peeking through the frozen ground. The serenity of winter has set in.

And on my evening walk yesterday down this quiet road,

I came across an abandoned birds nest on the ground.

I wonder if she will recycle it next spring.

T13, the Nose Miner

Posted in Photography by leahyetter on December 3, 2010

We put out salt and mineral for the ladies yesterday.

They love it, they fight over it (even though there is plenty to go around), and they get so excited licking it.

Just ask T13.

Have a winner of a weekend folks!

Autumn Shadows Gone

Posted in Photography, Wind by leahyetter on December 2, 2010

“The wind is still, in a moment it will be raging” -Dan Fogelberg (Song From Half Mountain)

The howling winter winds have taken our leafy autumn shadows away.

Gusts were still 60+ mph yesterday but seem to be slowing down to about 30 mph today.

Still hanging on to the truck door,
♥ Leah