Uprooted Magnolia

Pumpkin Poop

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©Leah Yetter Photographer

So I’ve gotten snowman poop before for Christmas (2 cotton balls glued to a piece of paper) but I never knew about pumpkin poop. I found this poem online and now I am cackling!

I started to carve a pumpkin
With my carving knife and scoop.
But the pumpkin got so scared
He took a little poop.
It looked so cute and funny
Just like a candy treat.
So I’m sharing it with you now
Because you’re so sweet.

Here are some fun facts about candy corn too:

-October 30th is National Candy Corn Day
-One serving of candy corn contains only about 140 calories
-Candy corn has 3.57 calories per kernel
-More than 35 million pounds of candy corn will be produced this year. That equates to nearly 9 billion pieces — enough to circle the moon nearly four times if laid end-to-end.
-Halloween accounts for 75% of the annual candy corn production
and last but not least (and probably my favorite because I’ve eaten candy corn ’til I was nauseous)
-A cup of candy corn has fewer calories than a cup of raisins.

I hope you found room for that bit of useless yet fun knowledge, and I wish you a safe and Happy Halloween.

P.S. Don’t go home until your bag is full… of pumpkin poop!

Praying for a Miracle

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Plans have changed…..there is a fire.

©Leah Yetter Photographer

Click this image for the gallery of the progression of the Squaw Mountain Fire.

I wanted to bring you images and commentary on the Master Garden Tour that took place early last week but as we all know,  life happens. Yesterday, Patrick spotted smoke on Squaw Mountain and made a frantic call to the fire chief. He geared up and headed over. It was contained after about an hour, then suddenly a tree went up in flames and fell to the ground. With the August dry conditions out here, there was no time to prevent it from spreading. As of noon yesterday, Squaw Mountain is burning from a lightning strike the night before. We have an amazing volunteer fire department and trucks from all around have come to help. Today, the big guns have arrived and it is still a continuous battle. It has spread throughout the mountain and has destroyed cabins, pastures, and a lot of timber. No one lives in the cabins and no one has been hurt. Except out hearts ache when we look at this beautiful land screaming with smoke and red flames. I’ve started a website of images with descriptions and times. Click the image above to view them and I will continue to update this image site daily, God willing. You will notice the quick progression of this thing as I have put times in most of the captions. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.
PS: We are not in the path of this thing nor are any residences, as far as I know.

Young Survivors

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These images are bittersweet to me. It’s a wonderful sight to see when coming home, the mother hens with babies.

But it’s also sad to see 3 hens and only 2 chicks. That means their predators were well fed before the little ones learned to fly. These two have a good chance of making it though. I’ve seen them take off and fly away quickly.

They are brave coming out onto the road and bridge.

But the little one wasn’t brave enough to fly across the river like the hen perched on the side of the bridge. She took off across right after I shot this image while the others disappeared into the tall grass.

Our Last Ramble

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Those who know me best know that I have had a fear of dogs for pretty much my whole life. As a kid I was chased by the neighbors Boxer.  When I jumped over the fence to run to the safety of mom, he got my shoe. Thankfully that was all he got. I’ve been knocked down, bitten, and just simply terrified by canines all my life. I know they can smell my fear .
When I moved out to Wyoming I of course knew it would be a big change in so many ways but I never thought I would enjoy the company of a dog.

Enter Shadow.

The border collie that worked cows ended up being my walking partner for my photo hikes around the ranch.

After some convincing, he would even tolerate walks in the snow.

If he fell into a snow drift, he’d pop back out, shake it off and continue on.

And even though he would occasionally chase off the ducks and deer, I always felt safe and enjoyed his company.

Earlier this week, he grew very ill and we had no idea what was going on. He went downhill so fast that the vet said there was no bringing him back. He went to dog heaven on Tuesday and I miss him terribly.
The hard part is not knowing what happened. Could have been a rattlesnake bite. Could have been cancer, heart failure. We just don’t know.

Once upon a time, the long shadow duo appeared almost daily on the ranch road.

Now it’s just the one.

So long my dear friend. You never jumped on me, bit me, licked me, or barked at me. You were my friend to the end. I will miss you more than I thought I ever could. Thank you for helping me overcome my fear and for being my companion on our rambles around the ranch. You taught me how to enjoy your species.

Love and Peace,


Here Comes the Sun

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Little darlin’, it’s alright.
And I hope it stays.

It’s a little chilly today but the sky is blue and the sun is illuminating my long legs. Here’s hoping for some long summer shadows coming our way.

With purple clouds and green leaves popping against the aqua blue skies.


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The Quaking Aspens are beautiful today. We had a very light rain last night so this morning I went for a drive to hunt them.  And I found them.  It was overcast but the extra moisture made them sparkle.

I love fall and I know there is a fleeting glimpse of color and tolerable temperatures before we are blanketed in snow.

I’ll be chasing quakies and cottonwoods until I can chase no longer.

Happy Friday folks! xoxo

Enter Autumn

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Today, Sept. 22, 2010, is the last day of summer.  That means the autumnal equinox takes place tonight and we are now stepping into fall.

Young Japanese Maple in my yard in Georgia photographed last fall.

And even though it is overcast today, I’m looking forward to my first fall in Wyoming. I just hope the clouds clear out for tonight’s viewing of the Super Harvest Moon.
I can’t help but hear Neil Young singing  “But there’s a full moon risin’, Let’s go dancin’ in the light”.

PS: I hope my people back east are getting some relief from the heat.

Curious Fawn, Radiant Sky

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This fawn and I were out enjoying the sunset when we spotted each other through the tall grass.

We sat together for a little while enjoying the breeze. The sky was radiant as the sun set behind the mountains.

It’s just another beautiful Wednesday. That’s all.


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There is a chill in the air.

The land is blanketed in crisp sunlight.

It’s September,

and Fall is ready for flight.

Hope you have a fantastic Labor Day weekend.