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Springing to Life

Posted in Horses, Nature, Photography by leahyetter on May 27, 2011

While driving past several ranches out here, we are seeing brand new colts in the pastures. Soon we should see baby turkey’s (polts), baby antelope, and we still have calves to be born yet. It’s springtime, the grass is green, the air is warmer, and I plan on more hikes soon.
I’ve been so busy with brandings and photo shoots for clients that I’ve neglected the blog a bit. But I was thinking that you deserve a breather after the dose of puppy cuteness on Wednesday. 🙂

I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I’ll be in touch soon. xoxo

Sunday Afternoon Cuteness

Posted in cuddly, Photography by leahyetter on May 25, 2011

Need I say more?

Ohhh, but I will tell you more.

These little precious fluffballs of cuteness are Australian Shepard pups. They are 4 weeks old and Patrick and I spent some time with them and their owners on Sunday.

Don’t look into those eyes, they will steal your heart!

They climbed all over us and we more than happy to be the jungle gym.

Pony and I sat on the ground and welcomed the puppy love.

My leg became a pillow for napping after 5 minutes of playing.

This one fell asleep standing up. It’s tiring being so darn cute ya know.

After a while they would climb back into their house, barely able to get in from the high step. But when Steve would whistle, all 9 of them would come rushing out tumbling over each other, stepping on heads and tummies.

This guy is the biggest. He is chunky and they tell us that after he eats, he immediately lays down for a nap. He’s not the most active and he’s so sweet. They are all very loving and there is not a timid one in the bunch.

These little ones are here for the taking. A few already have homes but there are several more up for adoption. If you are in Wyoming or are willing to travel and take a precious pup home, email me or let me know in the comments. Click here for more pictures of the absolute cuteness if you can stand it.

Rainy Day Branding

Posted in Branding, Cattle Roundup, Photography, Ranching by leahyetter on May 23, 2011

The branding was set for Saturday, then cancelled, and then back on leaving it solely up to the rain clouds above. So we woke up at 5am, loaded the horses, and away we went wondering what mother nature had in store for us.

After a couple of sprinkles of rain on the way to the South Ranch, we arrived a little damp but the guys and gals mounted their horses and rode out to the pasture anyway to gather the little ones.

The calves ran into the branding pen with no idea what was about to happen. And we still weren’t sure if the sky was going to fall.

The cowboys roped.

And looped.

And branded.

The horses and ropers worked like champions, bringing in the calves for booster shots and their brand. Rain clouds hovered over us all day long, a constant breezed carried sprinkles all around us, but we made it through the entire day without a downpour. And to think just 2 days before, it snowed for 6 hours straight.

The branding was a success and we finished it off with a fantastic meal with good company. Patrick and I checked on the calves yesterday and aside from being dazed and confused and a little sore, they all look very well. I’m sure they will be very excited when they are trucked to the Laramie Plains and left alone for the summer.

Here Comes the Sun

Posted in Photography, Uncategorized by leahyetter on May 20, 2011

Little darlin’, it’s alright.
And I hope it stays.

It’s a little chilly today but the sky is blue and the sun is illuminating my long legs. Here’s hoping for some long summer shadows coming our way.

With purple clouds and green leaves popping against the aqua blue skies.

Summer is Getting Shorter

Posted in Nature, Photography by leahyetter on May 19, 2011

We went to bed last night to the sound of rainfall. It poured all night long. Then this morning, it was eerily quiet.

We pulled the curtains and there they were, big wet blobs of snow falling out of the clouds at a high rate of speed.
Snow? Now? Ugh.

The internet went out, the power blipped, and there was nothing left to do except bake a cake. The snow finally stopped this afternoon. It’s melting away as I type and I’m just hoping that’s the last of the white stuff for a few months. We’ve got calves to brand.
Summer can you hear me? Summer do you see me? Summer can you find me here in Wyoming?

And we’re bloomin’

Posted in Nature, Photography by leahyetter on May 18, 2011

I arrived home yesterday evening to find that Patrick had trimmed up the apple tree and it definitely seems happier. Blossoms are all over now and I wonder if this means we’ll get apples soon. Good ones though. I’ve seen a few rotten ones fall to the ground because the overgrowth has prevented me from getting to the yummy fruit when it’s ripe for the picking.

We’ve got more rain on the way which might mess up our branding schedule for the weekend. But this abundance of precipitation makes the meadows pop with an almost fluorescent green grass and brings out more buds on the trees.  It’s getting spring beautiful out here folks!


Posted in Nature, Photography by leahyetter on May 16, 2011

One minute it’s warm and sunny, the next is rain and snow. These buds in the apple tree are patiently waiting for the right minute to bloom. That minute may come today.

10 Days in Georgia= Babies, Brides, and Rock & Roll

Posted in Family, Georgia, Photography, Travel, Wild Life by leahyetter on May 13, 2011

My recent trip back east was very busy and so much fun.

Aidan and Alena

I met the brand new son of one of my favorite couples in my hometown.

Jubee and The Morning After at Grants Lounge in Macon

Attended a fabulous rehearsal party for another favorite couple and enjoyed the tunes of Macon’s newest and hottest bands, Jubee and The Morning After.

Dad and Joey

Spent quality time with my Dad and nephew.


Patches never missed a family gathering. She was always in the middle of everything.  She would even eat when we ate.

Walden-Weatherford Wedding Extravaganza at the Cox Capital Theatre in Macon

Laughed, cried, and rocked out at the Wedding of the Year. Will and Kate who?

My baby cousin Delta and her fiance Matthew

Photographed a newly engaged couple.

Echo and the Bunnymen lead singer, Ian McCulloch

And ended the adventure in Atlanta photographing a concert with my bestie in the most difficult venue and lighting set up that I have ever been tossed into. More about that on Concert Sutra at a later date.

All in all it was a great trip. The weather was pleasant and the cicadas were loud and creepy. Dad says he can’t believe they’ve got to deal with those insects every 13 years. 😉

I was able to laugh with most but not all of my dear friends. I did not get a chance to visit my friends at Theatre Macon and I send my apologies to them. I WILL spend time there on my next trip back east because I truly miss them.

Today, I’m getting geared up for full day of shooting at the University of Wyoming tomorrow and I’m very much looking forward to it

Happy Friday my friends. Uprooted Magnolia will be back in full Wyoming swing next week. I’ve got brandings to shoot, landscapes to fill my lens, and more Wyo spring air to inhale.


Spring Peek

Posted in Home, Nature, Photography by leahyetter on May 10, 2011

I’m so glad to be home. We went for an evening hike on Sunday and finally, spring is making an appearance. When I left 2 weeks ago, it was 31 degrees. Now the afternoons are getting close to 80.

Green leaves are popping out of the bare branches.

Little tiny flowers are peeking up through rocks.

And sand lilies are sprouting, becoming ground cover for the mountainous terrain.

A Gaggle of Goslings

Posted in Home, Nature, Photography by leahyetter on May 8, 2011

I got back to the beautiful Wyoming grasslands yesterday after being back east for a week and a half and was immediately tossed into a branding for a neighbor. Ahhh the smell of burning hair….home.

After the branding and once the chores were done and a new calf got his earring at the South Ranch, we finally made the trek home.

Upon driving down the dirt road less than a mile away from the house, we saw this happy family toddling across the pasture. I’ve seen this couple often and had no idea they were expecting!

What a treat to come home to. And what a sweet and fuzzy treat for this mother.

Hope all of you wonderful Mothers have a Happy Day.

Checking in from the Southland

Posted in Family, Georgia, Photography, Travel by leahyetter on May 3, 2011

Sleepy Sunday Afternoon

I know I’ve been absent from here. I miss you.
But I’m still  in the southeast and have been running around non-stop since I arrived. With a bridal party to attend a couple hours after getting off the airplane, a weekend full of wedding events with fabulous friends, stealing sugar from my nephew, quality time with the family, a visit with a 2 week old handsome baby boy and Wii bowling with his 4 year old brother, photo shoots for long time clients, oh the jam packed schedule goes on and on and on, I’ve barely had the time to check in with y’all.  The last leg of this trip will be in Atlanta with my bestie for a concert and various projects we are working on.

I have so many images of this week to process and I’ll share a little of that with you here once I settle down in the meadows of home. But before any of that happens, I shall nap like the little ones on the lazy Sunday after my return.

Later Alligator,