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Douglas Wyoming State Fair: Bull Riding

Posted in Rodeo by leahyetter on August 27, 2010

Bull Riding closed out the rodeo and all I gotta say is ouch. I had bleacher butt by the end of it but I’m sure I wasn’t half as sore as these guys.

The cowboys yank the gate open and out they come.

Huh. This doesn’t seem so bad.

Kinda like dancing.

Oh, wait. Uh-oh. Look out!


Get out tha way!

Oh no. There he goes.

Thank goodness for the bull wranglers. I guess that’s what they’re called. They are there to distract the bull from the cowboy so he can get away quickly after the fall. I wouldn’t want that job.

The testosterone was flowing through the arena this night and it was quite tense. We had a lot of fun and I found myself cheering them on at times with fists clenched, raised above my head yelling whoo, whoo, whoo.

I was glad to wake up the next morning to cuddle with my kitty cat and paint my toenails. You know, girlie stuff.

Douglas Wyoming State Fair: Bronc Riding

Posted in Cowboy, Horses, Rodeo by leahyetter on August 25, 2010

The rodeo started with a touching National Anthem while the current Miss Rodeo Wyoming rode her horse around the arena with the American Flag.

Then the gates opened.

Dirt kicked up and hats went flying.

The expressions are priceless.

This roan horse was our favorite.

Still to come: Crowning of Miss Rodeo Wyoming 2010, Mutton Bustin’, and Bull Riding.

I’ll give you some time to apply an icepack to your achy muscles before I show you the bull riding.