Uprooted Magnolia

Tilda Tuesday: Beauty Queen

Posted in Matilda, Photography by leahyetter on August 20, 2013

The idea of calm exists in a sitting cat. — Jules Renard
©Leah Yetter Photographer
Matilda has done remarkably well during this transition. She is pretty used to moving and is taking this one all in stride. She is my rock. My furry, beautiful rock. ♥

Tilda Tuesday: On High

Posted in Matilda, Photography by leahyetter on August 13, 2013

Cat Law: Climb your way to the top. That’s why the drapes are there.

©Leah Yetter Photographer

She likes to get up high in the loft and stare down at me. It puzzles her when I climb up the stairs to join her. She thinks she found a secret place but I always find her. Like a mother cow and her calf, I always know where she is even if no one else does.


Tilda Tuesday: Contagious

Posted in Matilda, Photography by leahyetter on August 6, 2013

Yawning. The most contagious thing known to mankind. And to cats.
©Leah Yetter Photographer

I dare you not to yawn after looking at this. Shoot, I yawn just at the word yawn.
Have a great Tuesday y’all!

Tilda Tuesday: Training the Hounds

Posted in Matilda, Photography by leahyetter on July 30, 2013

“A cat has absolute emotional honesty: human beings, for one reason or another, may hide their feelings, but a cat does not.”― Ernest Hemingway

©Leah Yetter Photographer

©Leah Yetter Photographer

Matilda does not hide her feelings for Patrick’s hound dogs.

Tilda Tuesday: Tootsies

Posted in Matilda, Photography by leahyetter on July 23, 2013

Companionship is right under your feet when you own a cat.

©Leah Yetter Photographer

I love the pitter-pat of her tootsies when she walks across the floor. She uses these cute things to smack my nose and eyelashes to wake me every morning too. And sharp needles come out every now and then when she makes biscuits or plays with wrapped peppermints. Funny girl.
Happy Tuesday my friends!

Tilda Tuesday: Her Orangeness

Posted in Matilda, Photography by leahyetter on July 16, 2013

“There are many intelligent species in the universe. They are all owned by cats.” – Anonymous
©Leah Yetter Photographer

Matilda is and has been an important part of my life for 16 years. 16 years! That puts her at about 80 in human years.  She’s been there for me in good times and bad. Through breakups, new apartments, new cars, old cameras, and she’s been the first test shots on new cameras. She’s furry’d up my outfits laid out for a night on the town, coughed up a hairball or two in my favorite shoes, and more than once has jumped up on the counter to steal a couple licks out of my ice cream bowl. I was there for her when she went loco after eating a lizard, fought with the neighborhood bully cat(s), brought a chipmunk, lizard, and bird inside…and then lost them somewhere in the house.  I cared for her when she broke her leg chasing her own shadow down the long staircase in my Georgia home, and when the recalled cat food tried to kill our beloved pets a few years ago, I nursed her back to good health.  But without a doubt, her most important role was being my main comforter when my mother passed away 6 1/2 years ago. That’s probably when we grew closest. So it only seems right for her to have a section here on this blog, especially now that we have entered the geriatric years of her life.  She has appeared here every now and then but as of today, Tilda Tuesday will be put into action. For how long, I’m not sure. I will share new portraits and ones from the archives in no particular order. She has her own little fan club and friends and I know they will appreciate a regular Matilda update and portrait. I hope you will enjoy them too.

Matilda and the Quackers

Posted in Matilda, Photography by leahyetter on May 17, 2013

©Leah Yetter Photographer

We are not sure what to make of the ducks that brazenly stalk us at the screen door every morning. What isn’t shown here is the size of her tail. It is puffed up twice as big as it’s normal size and I can’t help but smile as she so earnestly protects her  lady that feeds her.

Orange in a Blanket of White

Posted in Matilda, Photography by leahyetter on April 24, 2013

©Leah Yetter Photographer

Did I mention the whiteout blizzard we had last week? Unbelievable for April, in my humble opinion, but we are so grateful for the moisture. Matilda enjoyed the sunshine from inside her warm house while I waded through knee-deep snow to get chores done.

Our Daily Greeter

Posted in Matilda by leahyetter on June 28, 2010

Where the heck have you been mom? Worried sick over here.

Oh what was that? I thought I saw a bunny.

Stop taking my picture and come in please. You should see my food bowl.

Food mom, right meow!

Matilda Badilda:

Posted in Matilda by leahyetter on April 10, 2010

Matilda Badilda:

At the request of a few of Matilda’s closest friends, here is a post to let you in on a day in her life on the ranch.

She starts her day by watching the sunrise out of the bedroom window.

She likes to wake me up about this time to watch it with her. Patrick is already up and out the door feeding cows and horses.

After breakfast she enjoys looking out of the living room window.

She's always good about working the camera for her mumsy.

Then she has to check out whats happening outside of the bedroom window.

Next, it's nap time in her papazon chair. It's her favorite.

Still napping a couple hours later.

Bunnies are usually hopping through the yard. All she can do is wave hello.

She also enjoys the occasional sun bath.

I know I’ve shared that shot before but I love it, and it’s almost an every day thing.

She caught a mouse the other night and played with it for a while. She woke us up at 3am and we’d had enough of the running and jumping. Patrick had to end it and ‘Tilda was bummed out. She enjoys the chase and would have killed it eventually but we just couldn’t wait any longer. She forgot about it after a while and finally settled down. Now she crouches and hunts a lot more often than when we first got here.