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Remembering Mom

Posted in Family, Georgia by leahyetter on May 12, 2010
I was traveling on Mother’s Day and just haven’t had time to write.  But I didn’t want to go without a post to remember mom. She was an incredible and loving woman who was taken from us too early.  She was stricken with cancer 4 years ago and passed away 13 months after her diagnosis. Amazingly, but not surprisingly, her strength and love helped us cope. She was a mother to the very end. Below are a couple shots from the archives.

A newborn Harriet with her mom, my Mema.

A newborn Leah, with mom and brother

Me and mom goofing off during a family portrait session. This was right after the diagnosis.

Watching the stages of the cancer take the life right out of her, fighting it with all her might, made us angry. Sad. Tired. We wanted her pain to go away. And when she took her last breath, there was relief on her beautiful face. She didn’t have to fight anymore. She was finally free.  It’s been 3 1/2 years since she’s been gone but it feels just like yesterday. I feel her with me everyday, and I’ve found peace while spending time in the hills of southeastern Wyoming.


It’s amazing how life goes on after losing someone so special. Everyday feels like that dream you have when you just can’t run fast enough. You’re moving in slow-motion and you just want to give up.  And then someone comes along a year later to perk up your dad and breath new life into him and the family. A kind and loving woman named Debbie. She’s such a blessing.

Debbie and Dad: wedding dance

I hope we all took time on Sunday to reflect on how important our mothers are to us whether they gave us life and whether they entered later in life. We should let them know our appreciation for them more than just on Mother’s Day.

Thank you Debbie.


Thank you Mom- miss you.

Waiting for Spring

Posted in Georgia, Nature, Photography by leahyetter on March 29, 2010

Waiting for Spring:

I stayed in the house today and worked on print orders for clients back on Georgia. The wind was howling but other than that it was  warm and sunny . Got me anxious of what to expect for springtime in Wyoming. Georgia starts spring in mid-march usually. I shot this flower the morning of moving day in my backyard.  My front and back yards would sprout a meadow of these little floral weeds and I just loved them. I used my macro lens to capture the dew.

I’m excited to get our flower and veggie garden started out here. Hopefully we’re done with the snow.