Uprooted Magnolia

Douglas Wyoming State Fair: Bull Riding

Posted in Rodeo by leahyetter on August 27, 2010

Bull Riding closed out the rodeo and all I gotta say is ouch. I had bleacher butt by the end of it but I’m sure I wasn’t half as sore as these guys.

The cowboys yank the gate open and out they come.

Huh. This doesn’t seem so bad.

Kinda like dancing.

Oh, wait. Uh-oh. Look out!


Get out tha way!

Oh no. There he goes.

Thank goodness for the bull wranglers. I guess that’s what they’re called. They are there to distract the bull from the cowboy so he can get away quickly after the fall. I wouldn’t want that job.

The testosterone was flowing through the arena this night and it was quite tense. We had a lot of fun and I found myself cheering them on at times with fists clenched, raised above my head yelling whoo, whoo, whoo.

I was glad to wake up the next morning to cuddle with my kitty cat and paint my toenails. You know, girlie stuff.

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