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Douglas Wyoming State Fair: Mutton Bustin’ and the New Rodeo Queen

Posted in Rodeo by leahyetter on August 26, 2010

This nice gentleman never misses a rodeo. He and his buddies had a front row seat to the event and we enjoyed visiting with him before the gates opened and the cowboys went airborne.

Mutton Bustin’ was hilarious and so cute. Do not be concerned, sheep were not  harmed in this event but there was some dirt eating on the kids part. The rodeo clown took good care of them and grabbed then by their vest if it got too intense.

This next contestant got the wooliest sheep in the herd. It was supposed to help him but…

…then came the crash. He literally ate dirt.

A few tears were shed but at the end, these up and coming bronco riders got a kiss from and posed for the cameras with the Rodeo Queen contestants.

And the winner is….Brittany Richards! Formerly Miss Butch Cassidy Days.

I don’t know much about Miss Rodeo Wyoming but I do know that they receive a big Dodge Ram from Fremont Motors in Rock Springs.

Take some Ibuprofen and put on some padding because the bull riders are up next.

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