Uprooted Magnolia

Goodbye Golden Palamino: Part I

Posted in Horses, The Ranch by leahyetter on August 1, 2010

I met this colt on my first visit out to the ranch, in June of last year. He was very young and still attached to mom.

When I came out in January, he was off of his mom and in a pasture with his brother and best friend. They eat together. Pose for the camera together.

Walk in sync together.

Talk together.

Get into mischief together.

He’s pictured here in his winter coat and is so handsome. Little did we know then that his name would become “Chug”, for Chugwater Wyoming and that he would soon be living back east in North Carolina.

And little did I know how hard it would be to separate these two.

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  1. Terri said, on August 3, 2010 at 5:21 am

    sorry to be such a pest all the time, but why is your copyright not on these last few pics!!? you know i am going to be checking! and, thanks for the heads up on concert sutra. i fixed those links on greg connors.

    look at us, just like chug and his brother…looking out for each other, even from across the whole country!!! 😉

    love you and miss you, sista! kiss matilda for me.


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